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A Game of speedy specters


Welcome To Soul Riders!

What is Soul Riders?

Soul Riders is a multiplayer party racing game inspired by the cult classic, Kirby Air Ride. In it players take control of one of many little ghosts as they play through the game's core mode, Midnight Mischief.


In Midnight Mischief, players are dropped into an open map for them to explore, collect stat boosts, sabotage other players and experience map-wide events called "Game Changers". Game Changers can be anything from a tornado wreaking havoc on the players, a fissure spewing out a ton of stat boosts or even a meteor crashing into the map!

Once time is up, players will use their upgraded vehicles to compete in a series of minigames. These minigames vary greatly! They could have you racing down a track, flying off a ramp to hit a dartboard with your vehicle, just a good ol' boss battle and many more!

Winner of the minigames takes all!

Players also have the option to play minigames outside of the core Midnight Mischief mode.

Along with achievements, unlockables, an in-game shop (no micro-transactions) and many other fun secrets, there's plenty to discover and experience in Soul Riders!

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