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Press Kit

Fact Sheet

Developer: Room 322 Games

Planned Release Date: TBD

Platforms: Steam PC / Mac


Twitter: @soulridersgame


Discord Server:

Planned Price: CAD 19.99 | USD 15.60

Studio Contact Info:

Steam Page:


Soul Riders is a game about fast paced multiplayer fun. Players take control of one of many ghost friends as they compete in a variety of vehicle based challenges. All of these challenges are played in the core game mode; Midnight Mischief.  In this mode, players will be dropped onto an open map. From there players must seek out a vehicle that’s to their liking and upgrade it as much as possible before time runs out. Upgrades come in the form of stat candies. These candies are scattered all around the map alongside a multitude of power-ups. Once the time limit is reached, players then move onto playing a multitude of different challenges. These challenges will put players and their upgraded vehicles to the test in a variety of ways. Such as; a drag race, gliding challenges, a destruction derby and many more! 

Whoever wins the most challenges will be declared the winner of Midnight Mischief. However, if players wish, the aforementioned challenges can be played individually.


In January of 2020, the studio now known as Room 322 Games was founded by a group of NAIT graduates. This group was then split into two teams. One would work on a larger project with a majority of the team. While the other team would work on smaller releases to help establish the studio. Originally called “Drift King”, Soul Riders started out as a project being done by the smaller team. During which time, the game was themed around woodland critters competing in vehicle based sports. Once the game became more fleshed out, the studio scrapped all other projects in order to focus solely on this project. Soon after came the shift in themes. The game went from a woodland theme to a cute/spooky theme and was renamed to Soul Riders. With the intention of being a game heavily inspired by the cult classic, Kirby Air Ride.

Game Features

  • Physics based movement makes each vehicle satisfying and fun to control.

  • Tons of interactables littered throughout each map such as; grind rails, springy mushrooms, boost pads and much more.

  • A variety of power-ups with varied effects. From a pocket blizzard creating a localized blizzard to a ghost blowing air to give a huge speed boost. Power-ups will not only be used for attacking other players but also creating fun gameplay scenarios.

  • Play with up to 4 friends locally with split screen multiplayer. Or take the fun online!

  • Enjoy the open feel of Midnight Mischief’s pseudo battle royal gameplay paired with the more focused end-game challenges. Or pick your character and car and jump straight into the challenges on their own.

  • Collect stat candies to increase the corresponding stat of your chosen vehicle! Each candy boosts one of many stats; Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Gliding, Boost, Weight, Offense and Defense.

  • Experience the fun with the control scheme of your choosing with customizable controls. Whether you choose keyboard and mouse, or a controller, you’ll be sure to find a control setup that best suits you!

  • Challenges are super varied too! Not only does Soul Riders feature some tried and true vehicle challenges. Such as; Drag Race and Spectral Showdown (a destruction derby). But the game also includes a number of completely original challenges. Some of which are as follows (this is is only a small portion of challenges to be featured in the final game):

    • Menace Marathon: Players race down a linear track avoiding obstacles as they try to escape a large monster which gains speed as the challenge goes on. Last one to be caught is the winner!

    • Spirit Orb Stockpile: Players spawn into a larger battle map with a designated jar. Players must run around the map collecting “spirit orbs” and deposit them in their designated jar. However, as players accumulate more orbs without depositing them in their jar, they will grow in size and move slower giving other players the chance to attack them and collect spirit orbs that the attacked player drops. The player that collects the most spirit orbs within the time limit wins.

    • Big Egg Battle: This event is one of a few events that are team based. When setting up the game, players will in addition be placed on teams either randomly or as selected by the players (In Midnight Mischief, the team selection is always random). Players will then be placed in a simple somewhat maze-like arena with each time on opposite sides. Each team is responsible for a big egg. Players must then face-off and attempt to break the opposing team’s egg before time runs out. If no egg is broken by the time the time limit is reached, the egg that sustained more damage will be considered the losing team.

Gameplay Trailer


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